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Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco, Mental Disorders, Mental Illnesses, PTSD.

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Page 27 - Vitamin me. 〰️ Chapter 1 ; A world of ice.

Page 27 - Vitamin me.

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Author Note


RaptorVonSqueaker RaptorVonSqueaker said:

NEW :: Page Sizes from now on have been enlarged on the public website to 1000px wide instead of 900px wide.
I will progressively update the sizing of the previous ones, but for now, this one and the future ones are the ones touched by it :)
Hope you enjoy a better experience!

Small official note...
Yes, Konstantin is on the Autistic Spectrum. ~
No, it has nothing to do with his flirting reputation.

I am consulting with real autistic people for this character, because it was really important for me : there is not enough MAIN characters on the spectrum in webcomics.
I love this character deeply, as he is super unique, and really endearing.
Also, I like to portray that being on the spectrum doesn't prevent you from achieving long term goals.

Special Note about Autism ;

PPS :: Yes, Sergei and Stridor are referring about Valeriya when saying Cunt. XD

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