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Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco, Mental Disorders, Mental Illnesses, PTSD.

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Page 39 - A whole new you. Or not. 〰️ Chapter 1 ; A world of ice.

Page 39 - A whole new you. Or not.

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Author Note


RaptorVonSqueaker RaptorVonSqueaker said:

Thanks to a friend for helping me by taking pictures of his hand as reference for me ( mine are too thin and soft LOL ).

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Saturday, the 11th of July, 2020


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Mrremoraman Mrremoraman

THe name fits the personality, my dude.

Saturday, the 18th of July, 2020


RaptorVonSqueaker RaptorVonSqueaker

In all honesty... at this point, both their personalities are so bad XD

Saturday, the 18th of July, 2020

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